Dear Friends:

Re: Special Request “LOOKING FOR A NEW VAN

We are sending a special request on behalf of The Windsor Goodfellows Club – but not for the support you might initially think.

If you know The Windsor Goodfellows Club, you know that we are a local charity that has been servicing the community for over 100 years. We run a year round food bank, a School Breakfast Program for nine local schools and a Shoe and Boot Program which provides new shoes and boots for schoolchildren ages JK to Grade 8.

We only have one paid employee and rely a great deal on our bevy of wonderful volunteers. We do our best to keep costs down so we can help as many people as possible. We operate with a volunteer Board of Directors that meet monthly, our fundraising cost are 4%, administration cost 13% and 83% is support for the needy. Our income sources are Goodfellows Oldnewsboys Paper Drive, 12.000 appeal brochures mailed out in the Windsor, surrounding areas, Annual golf Tournament and our K of C Spirit of Christmas event. As outstanding as these events are, it is a fact more and more people need our help and Fundraising is getting more and more difficult. Often times, our volunteers are performing strenuous tasks using there own cars to make food deliveries to our handicap shut ins, or picking up canned food from a school can drive and we worry about their health.

It is for that reason that we are looking for some support in obtaining a Van for our operation. The van we have now has serviced us for over 15 years but has not aged as eloquently as our volunteers we have priced vehicles and realize that they are very expensive. Unfortunately we have no room in our budget to purchase a van and are counting on your generosity anyway possible to support Goodfellows with this much needed item.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and time.

Best regards,

Bruce Tait – President
Colleen Renaud – General Manager