Executive Directors


Jeff Thachuk President
Gil Barichello 1st Vice President
Cherie Steele-Sexton 2nd Vice President
Colleen R. Renaud General Manager
Barbara Herbertson Secretary
Charles F. Clark Solicitor
Bruce Tait Past President



Gil Barichello John McQuire
Madelene Chase Lloyd Meloche
Charles F. Clark Colleen R. Renaud
Reg Deshaies George Robillard
Barbara Herbertson Cherie Steele-Sexton
Marcel Hinse Bruce Tait
Sam Houston Jeff Thachuk



Honourary Director


Les McKnight





Deacon Gary Coyle Rev. Chris Brouillard Coyle



Goodfellow of the Year

Each year, we recognize one of our volunteers for exemplary service.

2015 Recipient Reg Deshaies