The Windsor Goodfellows Club has been a cherished part of this community for over 100 years. Supported entirely through donations and receiving no government grants, the Windsor Goodfellows provides thousands of area families with assistance and support throughout the year, including a food bank, school breakfast programs, children’s footwear program, and much more.

We are best known for our annual holiday charity drive in which hundreds of volunteers stationed throughout the city sell the Goodfellows Special Edition Newspaper, helping to provide Christmas meals and gifts to thousands of children who might otherwise go without. Staffed almost entirely by volunteers, our organization spends over 80% of cash donations directly on the needy, with the remainder going to overhead expenses. Led by our Board of Directors, we are dedicated to a clear mission: to help those that cannot help themselves.


• We provide 11,517 boxes of food to the needy yearly. Each box contains 3-4 days’ worth of meals.
• We feed approximately 62,558 people.
• Certificates cost $160,760.
• Food costs over $425,000.00.
• We have a Breakfast program with 9 schools.
• We provide 1,500 children with breakfast daily. (Co-sponsored by Families First)
• We provide 1,500 new pairs of shoes and boots to children JK to Grade 8.
• Footwear program costs between $77,000 and $82,000 annually.
• We receive 120,000 Goodfellow editions of the paper donated by the Windsor Star.
• We mail out 12,000 appeal brochures as a fundraiser accounting for 45% of our income.
• We have 30 Old Newsboys paper teams composed of 600+ volunteers raising 43% of our income.
• Fundraising costs 4%
• Administration costs 13%
• 83% of all monies raised are spent directly on the needy
• And the BIGGEST number – Celebrating over 100 years of Community Service.


Photo courtesy of Nick Brancaccio / The Windsor Star